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"Last Ditch Effort" game development

Posted by Ioruko - September 5th, 2020

Hey, I was thinking how can I post updates on our game development on Newgrounds too, so I decided to make a post about it.

The game's name is "Last Ditch Effort"


It's a narrative rich game with pixel art graphics, that tells a story of a young man who made a desperate deal with the mafia.

The game idea was born during a game jam hosted on itch.io.

Our game jam attempt didn't succeed in making a full length game, but we continue to develop it as I'm typing this post right now.

The game will feature a lot of cutscenes and dialogues, gameplay will contain beat'em up and probably other action that we are considering adding right now.

Here are some graphics and a short video of the in-game conversation.







Comments (13)

Jeez that pixel art is *delicious*. Your game looks wonderful, looking forward to seeing it in action!

Thank you so much!

Your game looks so cool and amazing pixel art.

Looking great and I'd love to keep seeing more here! I've also been enjoying your recent art trade and collab posts!

Thanks so much! I'm happy you enjoy my art, I've had a lot of fun doing recent pixel artworks.

It's awesome when gamejam games keep being developed!! This looks great!!

A Game with Your Pixel Art? Sign me UP!

As a pixel artist myself, I must say - your artwork is utterly spectacular! Looking forward to seeing more of your productions here, and I wish you all the best in your project!

That's a pretty solid cutscene, I'd like it though if you could in scenes like these, shade the talk sprites in the same way as the scene in the CG (just take some color replacements, and it could really make the scene feel even more dramatic when there's an actual shading change to complement it)
Oh and also add the blood on the CG the same way you did for the talk sprite after he gets beaten up, it's small touches that are important. And it can sell the feeling even more.

Nice job man, I'll keep an eye on this.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate your attention to detail!

@TankTheta @Ioruko
Yeah I keep close attention to detail as a developer myself. I think those small touches really can mean the world to atmosphere and player immersion. When Thorne gets further along, remind me to show you all the solid details I put into it.

Especially since I'm trying to tribute Fist of the North Star visually, so there's alot of visual details I gotta hold strongly to in order to capture that feel. You learn alot from studying animation (especially old school animation and some really quite passionately animated sakuga from some new stuff like Mob Psycho 100), it helps in really understanding the techniques.

those are some pretty pixels!

Great stuff here! Hope to see more of it in the future, for real, the art is stellar.


I ran into this page before but looked away because I'm not a fan of pixel art, but I must've have not have actually looked at this art. This is some of the best quality pixel art I've seen lol. The impressions are so well done and have such good ideas. I've become a fan and am inspired by all this :D.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you decided to check my art, please enjoy and have an awesome day!

i must play this it looks amazing